San Bernardino’s Best Child Support Lawyer

Having a child is a huge responsibility for both of the parents. Whether you are married, been dating for a few years, or just started dating; when you have a child it is both parent’s job to take care of that child and ensure that all of its needs are met. If you and the other parent break up and decide you do not work together as a couple, it is still the responsibility of both parents to meet the needs of the child. This is why there is child support in San Bernardino, because often times one income is not enough to support a parent and children. And because it is not just the one parent who lives with the child’s responsibility to take care of that child. The other parent still is financially responsible for the child. If the other parent is not helping provide for your child you will want to call the San Bernardino family law firm, Law Office of Joyce Holcomb to see what options you have.


Other situations people feel like they do not need a child support lawyer San Bernardino because they are the other parent are handling this fine. But what happens when they stop providing funds to help support the child, what happens when you guys get on bad terms, what if something changes, then you do not have a court order stating that they need to pay child support. That is why getting court ordered child support is necessary. It also helps if you are the one who has to pay the child support to pay the proper amount and not anything more than you have to, even if the other parent is trying to say you owe more. With a court order you only pay what is needed for the child and determined in court.

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