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Homeowners Insurance Claims

Home insurance claims are denied for a number of reasons.  It is important to be familiar with the legalities involved in filing an insurance claim, beyond just your homeowner's policy. This article discusses the most common reasons why home insurance claims are denied, and how you can safeguard yourself before making that filing.

– Most homeowners are not cognizant of the laws covering filing an insurance claim.  The most common reason for a home insurance claim denial is that your policy specifically states you cannot file the claim if you have any outstanding balances with your insurer.


For example, if you filed a home insurance claim for hail damage on your roof and then submitted a homeowner's insurance claim for a broken air conditioner just one month later, the insurer would likely deny your homeowner's claim. The fact that you have an unpaid bill with them would trigger this rule in your policy.  This is why it is so imperative to read over all of the fine print associated with any policy you are considering purchasing before signing on the dotted line.

Other common situations in which insurers deny homeowner insurance claims include filing a claim with another insurer, making false statements on an application, and receiving restitution for damages (unless your policy specifically states this is allowed).


Even when you follow all of these rules outlined by your policy's fine print, there are many instances in which your claim may still be denied. There are numerous variables that go into any homeowner's insurance policy, which can greatly influence whether or not you will receive compensation for your loss.  These factors include things like the status of your hazard mitigation system (such as whether or not you have storm shutters or a reinforced roof), how much rain fell in your area, whether you are located in a flood zone, where your home is relative to the nearest body of water, and how much insurance coverage you have.


Even if you are following all of the rules outlined in your policy's fine print, there are still many ways that insurers deny homeowner insurance claims.  The variables that go into your insurance policy are too numerous to accurately predict whether or not your claim will be approved.

– After filing a home insurance claim, the next step is to provide all of the requested documentation by phone or fax within ten business days after filing. This includes any receipts for repairs, invoices, estimates, and photographs.  If you are unable to meet this deadline, your claim will likely be denied.

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