Pursuing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Accidents do happen in our everyday lives but when they are caused due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to claim compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Personal injury

This is a legal lawsuit initiated by a private party (Plaintiff) who feels he has been harmed as a result of negligence by another party. The lawsuit is usually resolved through a settlement or a judgment.

Monetary compensation is then offered to the plaintiff after the lawsuit is settled. It can be inform of a lump sum or a structured settlement that is paid over a period of time. This compensation is not taxable by the IRS.

Types of damages

Personal injury covers a broad range of damages such as medical expenses incurred, lost earnings, defamation, and emotional distress among others. We advise you to contact our team of attorneys at Redkey Gordon Law Corp to see if you qualify for compensation.

Statute Of limitation

The statute of limitation is the window of time that you are legally allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit. It starts at the time you feel you have been harmed by another party to the time that you file the lawsuit. Statute of limitation is part of state law and therefore varies from state to state.

In a personal injury lawsuit, facts and law are very important and you need a great team of experienced Attorneys like those at Redkey Gordon Law Corp to help you pursue compensation.

Personal injury law firm in Sherman Oaks, CA

A personal injury case is a legal dispute that arises when one individual gets hurt as a result of an injury or accident and someone else either a company or a person or several people may be legally responsible for the damage. Personal injury cases can either be settled in an informal way, i.e., out of court or in a formal way via the court judgement.

The formal lawsuit

A formal personal injury is initiated by the plaintiff i.e. a private individual file a civil complaint against another claiming that he or she or they acted irresponsibly in connection with an injury that hurt him. The action is referred to as filing a lawsuit.

Informal settlement

The majority of the personal injury cases are settled informally out of court. The parties involved settle the disputes through negotiation and a written agreement follows, and any further action is foregone.

It is important to note any personal injury case needs a comprehensive understanding of the processes, facts, and the law. In case an accident has affected your life, it is necessary that you consult Sherman Oaks personal injury law firm Fox & Fox Law Corporation to ascertain whether you are required to follow the lawsuit.


Every individual richly deserves to be treated with equal rights, even people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), is a federal law which protects disabled persons – Be it physical, mental or genetic disability. Despite these hardships, one should accommodate and not mistreat an individual. Take for example in the workplace. So long as the person is able to perform his/her job and carry out other functions, he/she should not be discriminated at all

If you believe you are a victim of disability discrimination contact Chloe Law Firm, APC, to pursue a law suit and seek legal action against any offender or even get a valid compensation where applicable. We have experienced law attorneys who will advocate on your behalf. We at Chloe Law Firm, in Los Angeles, offers employment legal advice and representation to individuals with special needs, who suffer discrimination in their workplace or anywhere else. Disability doesn’t mean inability!

When you need a car accident lawyer

Personal injury lawyers are around to help a person file or defend their case after they are in an accident. A car crash lawyer supplies the offenders or accident victims with information concerning the numerous practical and legal issues with personal injury law and car accident claims.

Lawyers play a remarkably important role in dealing with auto accidents. It is the job of the attorney to represent his / her client in a court docket. By using appropriate expertise, a personal injury lawyer will argue your case in court in order get you the compensation you deserve after a car crash. If you have been in a car crash that was the fault of someone else’s negligence, contact the Las Vegas personal injury law firm, Peter Goldstein Law Office, today.

The Basics of Child Custody Laws in United States

California, like any other state of the US, has a set of laws detailing how child custody cases should go. The California State Family Code says that the judge can make any order that seems proper and necessary to them regarding the child that is still young during the divorce procedure.

The decision of the court is based upon several statutory principles. First of all, the court is supposed to keep the welfare and safety of the child in mind. The court is also supposed to attempt to make sure that the child has frequent contact with both the parents. This policy can be abandoned if it finds one parent detrimental to the well-being of the child.

When assigning custody, the court has various options concerning the type of child custody. The three main types of custody arrangements are joint custody, nonparent custody and sole custody.

If you would like more information regarding child custody, please contact the Santa Rosa divorce law firm, McBeath and Smith, LLP.

Wondering if you have a slip and fall injury case? Consult a personal injury attorney!

Slip and fall accidents are quite common. Some people will ignore it altogether and just seek medical attention. There are however those that may consider a lawsuit, but are not certain if a slip and fall accident might actually constitute a viable lawsuit. It is vital to know that there are several standards which must be met in order to fall with the guidelines of a potential lawsuit of this type. Understanding these possible basic facts of the lawsuit is one of the things that a slip and fall attorney can explain to the affected person.

This makes sure that they know all of the implications involved. The goal of the lawsuit is to have the affected person awarded the compensation they deserve as a result of being injured in one of these slip and fall accidents. A qualified and competent personal injury law firm in Las Cruces such as those from the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. can be relied upon for legal help. By studying your case, they will let you know if you have a case or not.

Anton Legal Group: The Divorce Law Experts

Navigating through divorce laws can be an overwhelming and challenging experience. Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce laws. Divorce mediation requires the services of a skilled attorney that understands how to navigate the rules governing marital and post-marital disputes, child custody, spousal support, and pension and health insurance issues among others. This is why at Anton Legal Group, they are dedicated to offering you the best legal representation. They are a boutique law firm in Tampa, Florida and they emphasize on attention to detail and personalized service

Anton Legal Group prides itself with three-decades of experience in family law related cases in Tampa. Their divorce attorneys are highly skilled and will understand all the challenges involved in divorcing families. They can solve all divorce issues the simplest way. They charge affordable hourly rates for all the services they offer. Contact them for any consultation service concerning family separation.

Workers’ Compensation in Los Angeles

The workers’ compensation act protects and defends people who are hurt or injured while on the job. They are drafted to make sure that employees who are hurt while working are presented with solid monetary compensation, terminating the need for a lawsuit. These laws also grant perks for dependents of those employees who have died due to work-related accidents in Los Angeles. Choe Law Firm, APC recommends that an employee should report the injury to the employer within 30 days or they may lose their benefits.

The law demands that any trade with more than three workers to have a workers’ compensation insurance. No party is said to be at fault when dealing with a workers’ compensation case. The amount that the injured employee receives is not cut down by his/her recklessness, nor added by an employer’s negligence. However, worker might lose their compensation if the injury was as a result of intoxication from alcohol and drugs.

If an employee receives workers’ compensation as a result of an injury, they are not allowed to sue their employer for further compensation. Instead, they may file a case against the other people who were involved in their injury. When an employee resumes working but the injury restricts them from attaining the same salary they once did, they may be entitled to a gain that will add up two-thirds the difference.

Auto Accident Law at Fox & Fox Law Corporation

Have you recently been a participant in an auto mobile accident? If so, you may have concerns with a number of issues such as insurance and legal claims, recovering both mentally and physical and getting your car repaired and back on the road. Very often, victims of an auto accident are able to get financial compensations to cover car repair bills and also personal injuries.

Causes of auto accidents include:

  • Driver drowsiness: Driving for long periods, lack of sleep, some medication.
  • Momentary distraction: such as phone chat, sending text messages, chatting with other passengers or fiddling with the sound system.
  • Drunk driving: Going behind the wheel after a few too many drinks.
  • Aggressive driving: Shouting, tail-gating, constantly shifting lanes and ignoring road signs.
  • Speeding driver: Driving over the speed limit.
  • Weather: Rain, snow, ice on the road and a fog can lead to an accident.

Fox & Fox Law Corporation, is a Sherman Oaks accident lawyer firm that is experienced in recovering funds for victims. By utilizing their legal services, you will not have to deal with insurance companies or any legal proceedings on your own and can rely on an expert team of lawyers to do all the work for you.

Get Legal Advice on Guardianship in California

According to California laws, guardianship allows an individual to get custody of a child or manage their estate even if they are not their parent. It is advisable to use a lawyer especially if you want to get guardianship of a child’s estate. Parents have the right to name a guardian for their children if they feel unqualified to care for them. McBeath & Smith, LLP will ensure you follow all the laws during this process.

It is important to note that guardianship differs from adoption because the child’s parents still enjoy parental rights. This means that they can ask for for contact with their child. A lawyer will help you to learn about your roles as a guardian. They will also teach you how to end guardianship when necessary.

Courts usually look out for the child’s best interest and a guardian has to provide a loving, stable, and safe environment. McBeath & Smith, LLP has a team of qualified lawyers to assist you during the guardianship process.