Personal Injury in Oceanside

A statute of limitations basically refers to a law that was formulated to set a limit on the amount of time, that one has to go to court to file a lawsuit if he or she has undergone some type of personal injury. In the state of California, the statute law on personal injury gives a person who has been injured, up to 2 years from the day that he or she became injured to go and file a lawsuit against those who he or she holds responsible. Very few people in the state of California are fully aware of the existence of such laws and that is why it is highly advisable to acquire the services of attorney when faced with such situations or scenarios.

With the aid and the legal advise of a highly experienced and well renowned personal injury law firm like The Sexton Law Firm, APC you are going to be well represented. Apart from being extremely knowledgeable on all the laws and scenarios where personal injury is applicable, The Sexton Law Firm, APC, has all the necessary resources at its disposal that will be essential in winning the lawsuit.

How Commercial Premises Liability Works

Commercial premises liability law is the law that makes a business responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons who are present on their premises. In all states, business owners of a property must make a reasonable effort to maintain a safe environment for anyone visiting it. Failure to do so results in a commercial premises liability.

It may be a slip-and-fall accident on the sidewalk, negligent security in the parking lots or even acts by a third party on your property. You can foresee some cases and prevent them, but others you can’t – like a customer slipping on a piece of lettuce left behind by another customer. In some states the law is set up to favor the premises owner not the victim. In other states, the law favors the one who is injured.

In today’s litigation, even a minor commercial premises accident can result in a prolonged lawsuit. This exposes your business to everything from serious out-of-pocket expenses to increased insurance premiums. Arata, Swingle, Sodhi & Van Egmond Law Firm gives you proper legal representation, to prevent a commercial premises liability claim that can seriously jeopardize your enterprise’s future.