Dog Bite Attorney from Riverside

In California many people own dogs. People who live in Riverside own dogs. Anytime you adopt a pet you are not responsible for any damages your pet creates. If your dog bites someone that is now your responsibility, and you are liable for that injury. All it takes is one bite for you to be financially responsibility for the person your dog bit’s medical bills. Now if you are the one who was bitten you may want to call Martinez & Schill LLP a Riverside personal injury law firm. They have handled dog bite cases before and know how to deal with insurance companies. If you were bitten by a dog you will also want to get some medical treatment. Even small dogs can give people some pretty bad injuries if they were attacked.


Children do tend to be the more prone to being attacked or bitten by a dog. You can also seek legal guidance on behalf of your child if they are a minor. A Riverside dog bite attorney will take the action needed to get you the compensation required to pay for medical bills. Both children and adults can suffer from bad injuries and can need to be hospitalized. Martinez & Schill LLP personal injury law firm in Riverside have helped people get the money to help pay for their surgery, stitches, pain and suffering, and even minor medical bills from a dog bite attack. Holding the dog owner responsible will also hopefully teach them to keep a better watch over their dog.

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