San Bernardino Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is more common that we would like to think it is. Many times the victims don’t think they have any way out or any other options. The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb family law firm in San Bernardino are here to tell you that you are not alone, and you do have options. They will also provide you with domestic abuse resources to help you stay out of these situations. You may need more than just legal help, and that is okay. The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb can help you with the legal side of your domestic abuse case. In San Bernardino, domestic violence is when abuse is between people who are dating, living together or family. You want to be sure that you hire a lawyer from The Law Office of Joyce M. Holcomb to know you have a compassionate lawyer. They know how to get you the help you need.


If you have been abused, and are brave enough to get help and speak out you should know what your options are. A San Bernardino domestic violence lawyer can help you file a restraining order. This will make it illegal for your abuser to get close to you, and will help prevent further abuse. You will want to get a restraining order as soon as possible. This restraining order is to help protect you. Know that you are not alone and you do have legal options if you are in a bad situation. Hiring a domestic violence lawyer can really help you get out of a bad situation.

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