Divorce Law Firm Based in Sacramento

Lawyer's services on divorce, consultations and case management in court. Divorce through court. The help of a Sacramento divorce attorney. Divorce is possible in two ways – in the registry office or in court. In the registry offices, it is impossible to dissolve the marriage without the participation of the parties and without mutual consent. In addition, to dissolve the marriage in the registry office is impossible if the spouses have common minor children.


It is possible to demand the dissolution of a marriage through a court in cases where one of the spouses tries to avoid a divorce at the registry office: refuses to submit a joint application or, after submitting an application, does not wish to appear for the dissolution of the marriage. As a rule, the assistance of a divorce lawyer is required in cases of divorce in court. The Law Offices of David A. Martin & Associates is a Sacramento family law office


Divorce can turn into a complex and lengthy procedure. Spouses find themselves in the cycle of collecting the necessary documents, preparing and filing a lawsuit, and participating in court sessions. It is possible to avoid this unpleasant procedure. This can help a family lawyer – resorting to his services, you can terminate the marriage without a personal presence. Assistance to a Sacramento divorce lawyer during a divorce is not limited to legal advice and clarification of the law. You can enter into a contract for legal support, which, in addition to, in fact, a divorce, will include the division of property, the resolution of disputes about children, the recovery of alimony, etc.

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