Asbestos exposure


What should the victim do with asbestos? Consult a victim's lawyer. What procedure can the Antion McGee Law Group, PLLC lawyer of the asbestos victim initiate? The lawyer can initiate: An amicable procedure Court proceedings What action can the victim's advocate take to obtain compensation for the harm when liability is proven? The lawyer can enter: Administrative court The civil court The criminal court FIVA (Asbestos Victim Compensation Fund) The court in charge of social security affairs What is the mission of FIVA? Comprehensive compensation for the injuries of asbestos victims and their dependents by way of. FIVA will make an offer of compensation to the victim. What should the asbestos sufferer do with the FIVA compensation offer? Immediately consult an asbestos exposure lawyer. What are the consequences of accepting the FIVA offer? Acceptance is a waiver of all court proceedings. How is the damage of the asbestos victim evaluated? By medical expertise to which the victim must be assisted by a victim's lawyer and a medical consultant specializing in damage compensation Can the asbestos victim's lawyer get compensation when there is no proven liability? Yes . In this case, the victim's lawyer may initiate proceedings before the FIVA (Asbestos Indemnity Fund). Can the asbestos victim's lawyer take FIVA when there is proven liability? Yes, but the compensation offered by FIVA is generally less than in judicial matters. Antion McGee Law Group, PLLC are an asbestos law firm in Huntington, West Virginia. 

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