Anton Legal Group: The Divorce Law Experts

Navigating through divorce laws can be an overwhelming and challenging experience. Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce laws. Divorce mediation requires the services of a skilled attorney that understands how to navigate the rules governing marital and post-marital disputes, child custody, spousal support, and pension and health insurance issues among others. This is why at Anton Legal Group, they are dedicated to offering you the best legal representation. They are a boutique law firm in Tampa, Florida and they emphasize on attention to detail and personalized service

Anton Legal Group prides itself with three-decades of experience in family law related cases in Tampa. Their divorce attorneys are highly skilled and will understand all the challenges involved in divorcing families. They can solve all divorce issues the simplest way. They charge affordable hourly rates for all the services they offer. Contact them for any consultation service concerning family separation.

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