All About John D. Whittington, PC Truck Accident Law Firm.

When you are contracted by a company to work as an independent truck driver, then you should be aware that when you get involved in an accident, the costs involved are on you. The costs include insurance fees and lawyer fees. If you have a good lawyer behind you, you will have the same kind of benefits as those that you will get from the insurance coverage. You find that truck accidents can be very complicated and devastating than the normal car accidents. The reason as to why you should opt for an experienced truck accident lawyer with a record of success in dealing with this specific case.


John D. Whittington, PC personal injury law firm in Manassas is a unique firm that has developed a very special focus on handling these heavily-defended, complex cases. They have represented various truck drivers in different truck crashes in this region. Their highly trained truck accidents attorneys are dedicated professionals in pursuing compensation and justice on behalf of their clients. If you want their assistance they are ready to work with you.

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